Seating Motors

SHB places lots of attention on our seating motors which are one of the leading products of our Group. We have devoted huge amounts of capital and personnel resources into the research, development and management of seat motors since 2001, and have now established a team with innovative capabilities and advanced technologies. In 2008 more than 4 million sets have been sold and the sales of seat motors increase substantially every year. Our goal is to grow the sales volume by 1 million annually and reach 10 million by 1015, holding a 20 percent share of the global market.

As a socially responsible corporation, the development of energy efficient and environment friendly products is of uttermost importance to us. SHB has recently developed 4-P motors with a compact size, light weight, great power, low noise and high reliability. We consistantly provide new technologies to meet customers’ needs and share the benefits with our clients to realize a win-win relationship.


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